summer camp 2022

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Summer vacation is a time for discovery! Fishers Parks offers camps for children ages 4-19 to explore their interests, make friends, and shake their summer-break boredom. Whether your kid is an adventurer, nature-lover, artist, all-star athlete, or scientist-in-training, Fishers Parks offers something for everyone to keep kids active and learning.


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2022 Summer Camp Themes

Backyard Sports Bonanza 

*Offered at Fishers Parks and HSE camps
All sports enthusiasts and gym-class fans welcome! Campers will explore and learn game rules, scoring, and techniques to try their hand at backyard recreation games like disc golf, bocce ball, croquet, archery, badminton, and cornhole! Camp week will wrap up with a field day of all games for campers to compete in a mini-tournament.  

Make a Mess! 

*Offered at Fishers Parks and HSE camps
Make it fun, but make it messy! Campers will explore a week filled with hands-on, mess-making activities centered around splatter-paint techniques, sensory-play activities, mud study. We'll wrap up the week with a color run, where all finishers are doused with colored powder.  

Curious Critters 

*Offered at Fishers Parks and HSE camps
Beavers, birds, and bears, oh my! Does your curious kid love the world of animals? Join us as we explore the way animals do, with activities and special guests to learn more about animals and insects native to Fishers.  

Art in the Parks  

*Offered at Fishers Parks and HSE camps
Vincent Van Gogh once said, "Art is but imitation of nature." Find inspiration, creation, and nature all in one place as campers will use their park's setting to create art in many forms. From fairy-garden making, to landscape painting, campers will learn various art techniques to capture the park around them.  

Aviation Exploration 

*Offered at Fishers Parks and HSE camps
It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! Take flight, and create model aircraft to launch into the sky! Experiment with aircraft construction, rocket launching, kite making, frisbee games, and archery as your camper learns the ins and outs of soaring through the air.

Rhythm Rover 

*Offered at Fishers Parks and HSE camps
Movers and shakers are invited to listen to and create music in nature. Campers will be shown how to make instruments with alternative materials, study vibrations and sounds in nature, and “rock” out with our special musical guests. This camp is designed to resonate with your mini-musician.  

Mini Maker Challenge  

*Offered at Fishers Parks and HSE camps
Mini makers will be given unique challenges and given tools, materials, and guidance to solve their problem. Using their crafting skills, mini makers will create a solution and present their finished product. Campers can expect to face hands-on challenges to repurpose everyday materials, learn construction basics, create items with found materials, and upcycle. This camp will stretch your mini-maker's creative muscle and help them learn to problem solve in their own unique way. 

Parks Pathfinder    

*Offered at Fishers Parks and HSE camps
Learn how to traverse the outdoors, treasure hunt, and identify landmarks, roads, and landscapes. Exploring can be fun and campers will guide the way. This camp features activities that instruct campers how to read a map and navigate their way through Fishers Parks using a compass. At the end of the week, campers will use their skills to set out on an “Amazing Race” across Fishers Parks.

Creature Carpentry 

*Offered at Fishers Parks and HSE camps
Learn how to build structures like animals do! Drawing inspiration from nesting birds, burrowing ants, and suspended spiders, campers will recreate animal-built structures and learn to build their own tepee or alternative-housing structure. For the kid who enjoys engineering, stacking, building, and arranging, you won’t want to miss this nature-infused carpentry camp.   

Ninja Warrior 

*Offered at Fishers Parks and HSE camps
For the couch-jumping, monkey-bar-climbing, obstacle-making, and race-to-the-finish kids who like to climb the unconventional. Your lil’ ninja will explore creative ways to climb, jump, skip, and lift their way across various obstacles. Campers will participate in balance challenges, obstacle making, and creative climbing in their park.

Lil’ Green Thumbs

*Only at the Fishers AgriPark.
Lil’ Green Thumbs will explore various planting techniques and how tending to plants and food can take place in a variety of alternative environments. Kids will learn proper planting techniques, garden-tending skills, and how to build their own garden beds in pails, egg crates, raised beds, and gallon buckets. Campers can revisit their camp garden to tend to over the course of the summer and see what sprouts! 

Soil Science

*Only at the Fishers AgriPark.
Getting their elbows dirty and making more than mud pies, campers will explore the science behind soil. Studying regional soil, worms and insects, and composting materials, this is a camp for true hands-on exploring.

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

*Only at the Fishers AgriPark.
In honor of National Dairy Month in June, we will be celebrating by exploring all that the dairy industry has to offer! Campers will learn the dairy industry from the local to global scale - from animal care, to products made from dairy, to the science behind how each product is made from milk. 

Animal Caretaking

*Only at the Fishers AgriPark.
Calling all future veterinarians and animal lovers! Discover everything there is to know about our beloved animals at the AgriPark. Study their unique characteristics and what makes them valued member of the farm. Campers will learn how to best care for all of the animals’ needs, from grooming and feeding to waste management and washing.  

Machines & Technology

*Only at the Fishers AgriPark.
Tools and tinkering are not reserved just for the woodshop! Campers will explore old and new technology on the farm, featuring machines of old and the modern day that help farmers make the most of their time. Campers will explore machines used every season at the AgriPark - from a disc and rototiller to a Case 70A tractor - to build their own model tractor.  

Cultivating Chefs

*Only at the Fishers AgriPark.
Chefs know where food comes from and what to do with it, and throughout the week, campers will cultivate a similar respect and knowledge. Chefs in the making can expect to learn about regional crops and how to plant, harvest, and prepare foods to eat right from the earth.  

what we offer
  • An engaging and vibrant camp experience focused on a variety of physical, mental, and social learning opportunities.
  • A unique, themed camp each week including sports, water, outdoor exploration, nature, arts and crafts, STEM, and more
  • All camp counselors must pass a criminal background check and are required to complete over 40 hours of mandatory training
  • Two T-shirt(s) per registered camp week, to be worn each day of camp (for camps at Holland Park, Billericay Park, Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve, Fishers AgriPark, and Cumberland Road Elementary only)
  • Engagement in age-appropriate activities and crafts daily
  • Outstanding counselor-to-camper ratios
  • Procedures to ensure camper’s safety, including on-site medical forms and photo identification for child sign-out

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