Lazy Labs Bakery


Kim and Mark Thaxton started Fishers-based Lazy Labs Bakery in 2017. Kim, a retired teacher, started the business for something fun to do with her husband. Together, they own four labradors, and they began their booth at the Fishers Farmers Market in 2018, selling 15 varieties of dog treats, cakes, and other goodies. Kim said the best part of running the business is getting to meet her customers and their dogs.


Brody’s Muddy Paws. Among their large offering of treats, this blueberry, paw print-shaped treat is a crowd favorite.

Lazy Labs Bakery dog treats

INTERVIEW: Kim Thaxton, owner & head chef

lazy labsHow did you get started?
"We had the idea after my retirement as a school teacher. I wanted to do something that my husband and I could do it together. My good friend, who is a lab breeder, and I came up with the idea because we have three labs ourselves and figured if things went wrong, then they could eat the inventory!"

What products or services do you offer and what is the most popular?
"We offer organic certified ingredient dog treats. The dog treats found in stores have a lot of fillers and bad ingredients for your dogs. I use pure ingredients that you would buy for yourself. We don’t use sugar or salt, we only use local honey, and instead of corn and wheat we use buckwheat and rice flour. We try to focus on dogs with dietary needs. The most popular treats are Gunner Morning Starters, or Canes Cheese Bites, but all of them are popular with the dogs!"

How long have you been with the Fishers Farmers Market, and what is your favorite part?
"We started in 2017. My favorite part about being a vendor is getting to see all the dogs—it’s like a dog park every Saturday!"

What have you learned, and how has your business grown since you got started?
"I try to have enough product each week, because in the beginning I would run out of product during a market! The price point is important as well. I did a lot of research to make sure that I was making a profit, but also that our customers were getting a good deal for what they were buying. I think making sure that you’re knowledgeable about your area is important. In Fishers, there are a lot of professionals that are single with dogs, so it was a perfect place for us. We are also a unique vendor to this market because we are the only ones with dogs as a demographic."

What else do you want customers to know about your business or products?
"We will continue to be at the Fishers Farmers Market through the winter, and we also have products available online, so if you cannot make it to our booth, we deliver locally and ship as well!"