pickleball paddleFishers Parks is ready to serve up fun with a spin! Pickleball is the latest sports craze sweeping the nation and offering fun for all ages. A paddle sport that combines the elements of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong, pickleball involves players serving and volleying a plastic ball (smaller, but similar in appearance to a Wiffle Ball) over a 34-inch-high net on a 20-foot by 40-foot court.

Free, public courts for the unique sport can be found at Cytheanne Park  in northeast Fishers, where we offer 8 free, public courts, and at Roy G. Holland Memorial Park, where we added 5 free, public courts in fall 2022.

Perhaps the most appealing element of the sport is its inclusive nature that bridges generations. As popularity for the sport grows, all ages are getting in on this fun and active sport. Pickleball is now being taught in school physical education classes, and Del Webb’s Britton Falls' 50-and-over community has a club that competes throughout the season.

Fishers Parks also works with local pickleball instructor Team Witsken to offer lessons for beginner players. Learn more at teamwitsken.com.

At Cyntheanne Park, additional challenge courts for intermediate and advanced players were added at Cyntheanne Park through a generous donation from Steve Cage, a Fishers resident and entrepreneur. The courts at Cyntheanne Park have also been renamed Cage Pickleball in recognition of the generous donation.

The Fishers Parks Foundation raised approximately $20,000 in additional funds during its pickleball court fundraising campaign, the largest portion of which came from an anonymous donor from Fishers. 

Thank You to the "Build Two More" Pickleball Court Donors

  • *Larry and Teresa Amick
  • Stacy Bieberich
  • *Steven Cage
  • *Central Indiana Orthopedics
  • *Terry and Deborah Collins
  • Cindy Davis
  • Dr. Jason Harrison, Max Life Chiropractic
  • Craig and Kathy Hunter
  • *IU Health Saxony Hospital
  • Barbara Kramarz
  • Frederick Krueger
  • Connie Marten Realty Group
  • Richard Poppa
  • Mike Seidel
  • Robert and Mary Sharon Teipen

*Major donors denoted with an asterisk