Spark!Fishers wouldn’t be possible without participation from the Fishers
community, businesses, and organizations.

Want to get involved?

Spark!Fishers offers a several diverse opportunities to get involved with the community. From stage hands to ice delivery drivers, and parade banner holders and vendor support leaders, Spark!Fishers has opportunities for every age and interest.

Interested in Volunteering for 2021 Spark! Fishers?

Volunteer opportunities include:

Want to feel like a rock-star? We are looking for stage-hand volunteers who will ensure the bass does not stop until the concert is done! Get a good work-out in while listening to some fantastic tunes.

Enjoy customer service? Consider signing up to be a shuttle attendance volunteer where you’ll keep our Park & Ride bus stops running efficiently!

Enjoy working with children? Then the Kid Zone is where you belong! Get the kids pumped up to play by running games, assisting families, and radiating excitement.

If Spark!Fishers was a firework, vendors would be the igniting flame that propels the firework upward. Our amazing and numerous vendors serve as the center of Spark!Fishers. If you love helping with logistics to ensure an unforgettable event, these opportunities are for you! Opportunities assisting vendors include: load-in, set-up, general support, and support lead.

To borrow from our Dr. Seuss friend, the Lorax, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” This is where the EnvioCrew enters! The EnviroCrew will help maintain the cleanliness of the city by ensuring the event premises is tidy and clean!

Questions? Please email our volunteer team or call 317-595-3484.